Katharina Pistor

Michael I. Sovern Professor of Law
435 W. 116th St., Room 719, New York NY 10027


Courses/Current Research

  • Law and Development (previously co-taught at New York University with Kevin Davis, Fall 2009)
  • Lawyering Across Multiple Legal Orders
  • Globalization in Comparative Perspective (co-taught with Tamara Lothian)
  • Global Governance (co-taught in different years with Joseph Stiglitz and Michael Doyle) Global Governance: The Evolving Regime for Financial Markets Law and Development (co-taught at New York University with Kevin Davis)
  • Corporations


  • University of Munich, Dr. jur, 1998
  • Kennedy School of Government, Harvard, M.P.A., 1994
  • State of Hamburg, Second Juridicial State Exam, 1992
  • University of London, L.L.M, 1989
  • University of Freiburg, First Juridicial State Exam, 1988

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Detailed Biography:

First Juridical State Exam, University of Freiburg (Germany), 1988; LL.M., University of London (UK), 1989; Second Juridical State Exam, State of Hamburg (Germany), 1992; M.P.A., Kennedy School of Government, Harvard (US), 1994; Dr. jur, University of Munich (Germany), 1998. Research associate, Harvard Institute for International Development, 1995-98; Max Planck Institute for Foreign and Private International Law, Hamburg, 1998-99. Assistant professor for public policy, Kennedy School of Government, 2000-01. Joined the Columbia law faculty in 2001. Major fields of interest are comparative law; comparative institutional economics; corporate law and corporate governance, and European law. Member of the editorial board of the European Business Organization Law (EBOL); co-editor with K. Davis of the ssrn.com abstract journal "Law, Institutions, and Development". Publications include "The Evolution of Corporate Law" (with Y. Keinan, J. Kleinheisterkamp and M. West, 2003); "Economic Development, Legality, and the Transplant Effect" (with D. Berkowitz and JF Richard, 2003); "Incomplete Law" (with C. Xu, 2003).Dan Berkowitz and Johannes Moenius, "Trade, Law and Product Complexity", (2006) Review of Economics and Statistics, 2006 (March). "Who Tolls the Bells for Firms? Tales from Transition Economies" (forthcoming Columbia Journal for Transnational Law, 2008); "Law and Capitalism: What Corporate Crises Reveal About Legal Systems and Economic Development around the World" (with Curtis Milhaupt); University of Chicago Press, 2008.