Carol Howe Rounds

Senior Lecturer in Hungarian
518 Hamilton Hall; Mail Code: 2833
+1 212-854-0746
+1 212-854-5306


Carol Rounds received her BA in Linguistics and she has a PhD in Uralic Studies from Columbia University. She has translated numerous political texts, critical essays and medieval texts from Hungarian and Finnish and since 1988 she has been a Lecturer of Hungarian at Columbia University.


Hungarian: An Essential Grammar. London: Routledge, 2nd edition (2009, 1st edition (2001)

Colloquial Hungarian, co-authored with Erika Sólyom. London: Routledge, (2002) (2nd edition forthcoming)

"The Zero Accusative in Komi." Linguistic Studies in the Non-Slavic Languages of the Former Soviet Union. Chicago: Chicago Linguistic Society, University of Chicago (1994)

Script for Fast and Easy Hungarian. An audio aid and pamphlet for learning Hungarian. New York: Crown Publishin. (1992)

"The Accusative Marker -t in Finnish from Finno-Ugric Perspective." In Proceedings of the Fourth Conference on Finnish Studies in North America. (1991)

Book review: Textanalyse and Sprachwandel. Historische Syntax des Ungarischen: ein empisirsches Modell. By Leila Bartens.Studies in Language, vol. 15, No. 2. Amsterdam: John Benjamins (1991)