Romanian Voices In A Transcultural Dialogue

Please join the Harriman Institute and the East Central European Center for a talk organized by the N. Iorga Chair for Romanian Language and Culture Dr. Mona Momescu with Dr. Catalina Florina Florescu, editor of the volume Transnational Narratives in Englishes of Exile (Lexington Books, 2017), and Dr. Maria-Sabina Draga Alexandru, a contributor to the volume and Vice President of the Romanian Studies Association of America. On Transnational Narratives in Englishes of Exile: Monolingual, monolithic English is an issue of the past.

Hungary: A post Election Analysis

Please join the Harriman Institute, the East Central European Center, and the European Institute for a talk with Kristóf Szombati, Istvan Deak Visiting Professor of Political Science at the Harriman Institute. Professor Andrew Arato, Dorothy Hart Hirshon Professor in Political and Social Theory at the New School for Social Research, will serve as discussant. On the day after the Hungarian parliamentary elections, we will discuss what the election results mean for Hungary and the region more broadly, which has been marked by the success of right-wing parties in recent years.

Book Talk. Orbán: Hungary's Strongman By Paul Lendvai

Please join the East Central European Center and the Harriman Institute for a talk with journalist Paul Lendvai about his new book Orbán: Hungary's Strongman (Oxford University Press, March 2018). A no-holds-barred biography of Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, who has become a pivotal figure in European politics since 2010, this is the first English-language study of the erstwhile anti-communist rebel turned populist autocrat.

Yugoslav Experimental Film Symposium

Please join the Njegoš Endowment for Serbian Language and Culture and the Harriman Institute for a symposium on Yugoslav experimental film. The symposium focuses on the marginalized area of the experimental moving image, addressing alternative forms of film, video, and paracinema in the former Yugoslavia that both flourished and were erased from the official historical record. The history of experimental film in Yugoslavia is rich, layered and fragmented.

Film Screening & Discussion. "I Came To Testify"

When the Balkans exploded into war in the 1990s, reports that tens of thousands of women were being systematically raped as a tactic of ethnic cleansing captured the international spotlight. I Came to Testify is the moving story of how a group of 16 women who had been imprisoned by Serb-led forces in the Bosnian town of Foca broke history’s great silence – and stepped forward to take the witness stand in an international court of law.

Smuggling Ukraine Westward

Andriy Lyubka was born in 1987 in Riga, Latvia. He completed degrees in Ukrainian Philology at Uzhhorod University (2009) and in Balkan Studies at the University of Warsaw (2014). He is the author of three books of poetry – Eight Months of Schizophrenia (2007), TERRORISM (2008), and Forty Bucks Plus Tip (2009) - and five books of prose – KILLER: A Collection of Stories (2012), Sleeping with Women (2014), Carbide (2015), A Room for Sorrow (2016) and Saudade (2017).

Inheriting The Bomb: Soviet Collapse And Denuclearization Of Belarus, Kazakhstan, And Ukraine, 1990-1994

The dramatic collapse of the Soviet empire in 1991 presented the world with an unprecedented challenge: some 29,000 Soviet strategic and tactical nuclear weapons suddenly found themselves on the territory of not one but four new sovereign nations: the Russian Federation, Ukraine, Belarus, and Kazakhstan.