Tesla: A Portrait with Masks

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Columbia University Morningside Campus International Affairs Building, Room 1219
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2015-03-06 18:00:00
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2015-03-06 20:00:00

Please join us for a conversation with Vladimir Pistalo, the author of Tesla: A Portrait with Masks.

Vladimir Pitalos biographical novel wonderfully evokes the drama of that era as it covers the full arc of Teslas life. Pitalo captures high-profile events such the War of the Currents with Thomas Edison, which culminated in Teslas triumph at the 1893 Chicago Worlds Fair, to his later years, when he lived in poverty at the New Yorker Hotel. But he also turns to lesser-known aspects of Telsas life, such as his boyhood in Serbia, for insight into what drove him: a fraught relationship with his father, an Orthodox Priest, and the early death of his brother, which haunted Tesla throughout his life. In Pitalos capable hands, Teslas emotional life is vividly brought to the page in a way that humanizes a mysterious, seemingly unknowable man.

A compelling fictionalized account of inventor Nikola Teslas inscrutable and solitary lifePistalos thorough account of a great man's personality and habits is done to fine effect.Publishers Weekly

Vladimir Pistalo was born in Sarajevo in 1960. He studied law in Belgrade and Sarajevo and received a PhD in American history from the University of New Hampshire. Pitalos first story came out in a literary magazine when he was eighteen, and his first book was published when he was twenty-one. Since that time, he has published eleven books of fiction. Tesla: A Portrait with Masks, his first book to be translated into English, won the 2008 NIN Literary Award, the most prestigious award in Serbia, and has appeared in ten languages. He teaches US and world history at Becker College in Massachusetts.

This event is by sponsored by the Njego Endowment for Serbian Language & Culture at Columbia University. 

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Filip Tucek
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Friday, March 6, 2015 - 18:00 to 20:00